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Board of Fire Commissioners Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2023

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Board of Fire Commissioners Meeting Minutes – September 26, 2023

Board of Fire Commissioners Glenville Fire District # 2

Special AFD Board Meeting

  1. Meeting called to order at 7:05 pm
    1. Attendance: Commissioners Joe La Coppola, Richard Doyle, Andy Gilpin, Secretary Morgan Tibbitts,  Barb, Laurie, Kim, Marjorie
  1. Review of proposals received
      1. Maggs – cement work not included, $11,825
      2. Neil at Riverview landscaping, $13,570
      3. Madison Turf, Inc, $14,810.  Total is $10,710 with subtraction of $4100 sod.
      4. Wesscape, $11,750, price may increase with reevaluation of project
    2. Additions discussed
      1. Stamped brick shape for first 6 feet
      2. 12” planter around the flagpole
      3. Lighting at base of flagpole
    3. Timeframe
      1. Aiming for work to happen in November.  Maggs and Madison state if the project cannot be completed in November, they will level, put base down, make the area safe and look nice without putting bricks in.
  1. Awarding of the project

Motion to award the installation of the bricks to Madison Turf Inc, subtracting $4100 bluegrass fee, instead will be hydroseeded as offered in pricing.  Madison Turf, Inc. will meet with the Board and Ladies Auxiliary for the kick off meeting to discuss additions, including: cement pad from sidewalk to bricks, two cement pads for benches.  Finalize number of bricks needed to purchase filler brick and border, total cost $10710 from Madison Turf, Inc. 

Noted that Commissioner Doyle did disclose to the Board and attending Auxiliary members that his son is employed by Madison Turf, Inc.  Board acknowledges there is no financial gain to Commissioner Doyle. 

Motion: J La Coppola Seconded: A Gilpin

Ayes: 4 Noes: 0

Motion Carried

  1. Discussion of the purchase of the filler bricks
    1. 4 Seasons has desired filler bricks and border bricks.  Cost estimate for roughly 1,200 filler bricks is $1,774.98.  Cost estimate for roughly 400 border bricks is $591.00.  Estimating 2-4 weeks for delivery.
  2. Adjournment 8:00 pm


Brick project presentation, richard review bids, 

Final Counts:

308 sold bricks, 4 replica bricks, to be delivered to homes who asked for copies, total profit $9917.20 to give to board

Brick people said 2-4 weeks for delivery, no delivery charge, freight shipping from fedex, delivering to non-commercial location – need forklift.  Can we rent/borrow forklift?  Need to talk to chief or his brother, check with town, 102$ to meet us with forklift (limited access fee).  Schedule to meet them here with forklift.  

Aux has brought in 5915.12 from fundraisers and donations (need to use some for bench, 400-1500)(chief bench for alex).  District giving remainder of county grant, roughly 4k, 19,832.  They won’t give us 5kish until benches are paid.  Plaques on the bench – we use lee’s.  

Filler bricks – found at 4 seasons.  Roughly, for 1200 bricks, no tax, $1774.98, will work with us on price as well.  Border brick is $600ish for 400 bricks ($591) Also 2-4 weeks for delivery.  

Walkway not included in contractor pricing.  

Could do phase 2 brick selling for front walkway maybe.  Front tear up for free.  

Stamped brick shape for first 6 feet

12” planter around the flag pole

Maggs – cement work not included (11,825)

Quote 2 – Neil at Riverview landscaping, (13,570)

Madison Turn (14,810) subtract 4100 sod, then down to 10,710

Quote 4 Wesscape- 11750, may go up 3-4k if he comes back to actually see the project

Timeframes – november work.  MAggs and madison agreed if they can’t put it in in nov, will come and level it, put base down, make it look nice and safe, but not put bricks in yet.  

Richard has disclosed that his son works for madison.  There is no financial gain for richard, no financial difference between quotes. 

Comfortable to call for motion and vote and include richards vote.  

Which bid can start sooner and has workforce to start sooner?  Tom booked thru oct, neil overbooked, madison turf has personnel and staff to move asap. 

During kick off mtg, 

Make a motion to award the install of the bricks to MAdison Turf Inc, subtracting 4100 re bluegrass, instead will be hydroseed as offered in pricing, plus they will meet with board and ladies aux for kick off to discuss additions discussed, including cement pad from sidewalk to bricks, include 2 cement pads for benches, also finalize number of bricks needed so we can purchase filler brick and border, total cost 10710 from MADison turf, 

Also add comm doyle did disclose to board and attending aux members that his son is part of madison turf, clear there is no financial gain by him.

Second gilpin

All in favor –  # Ayes

Aux is going to order bricks, then we will get forklift, board will order filler

Motion to adjourn andy, second richard.  

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