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Use Of Rooms Application

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Request for use of public facilities at the Alplaus fire station 

Residents of the district are encouraged to request use of the Fire House Meeting Room and the Pavilion for various activities. Any activity that provides some community benefit, including social interaction will be considered. 

RULES to ensure that activities do not interfere with emergency or training activities: 

1.An Active Firefighter or Commissioner shall open the facility and ensure that it is locked upafter the event. (Duties are listed on back.)

2.Use of the kitchen require active supervision by a member of the Fire Company.

3.No potentially dangerous activities are allowed (Trampolines, Bouncy Houses, Slip-n-Slides)

Guidelines for use of the kitchen 

1.Full use – Fire Company or Auxiliary-functions only.

2.Partial use – (other groups.)

3.Use of refrigerator, use of prep table, use of electrical outlets, no use of stove/oven, no serving fromkitchen (servingwindow to remain closed.)

4.No alcoholic beverages may be served or consumed.

5.The facilities are to be cleaned up after the activity.

Directions for submitting a request: 

1.All requests must include this completed form with signed Liability Waiver (on back).

2.Requester should be an organization or adult (21 or older) resident of the Alplaus Fire District.

3.Request should be at least 30 days before the event, although exceptions may be possible.

4.Contact the Secretary of the Board ofCommissioner for available dates [email protected]

5.Recruit an Active Firefighter or commissioner to open and close the facility. If unable to do so referto the list of active firefighters. The fee for an active firefighter is $10. To be paid directly to thefirefighter.

6.Appear at the next Board ofCommissionersMeeting.

7.Access to the new firematic building is not allowed for any reason.

8.The board of Fire Commissioners meets the second Monday of each month. For late requests (those

submitted after a board meeting for an event planned to take place before the next board meeting) therequester must obtain signatures from the fire chief, the chair of the board of fire commissioners andfrom one additional commissioner and submit the signed form to the secretary of the board before theevent.